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2014年第3期 后退

为何对拥挤收费说“不”—— 对爱丁堡全民公决结果的事后剖析
Why Say “No” to Congestion Pricing: Post-mortem on the Edinburgh Referendum Results
作者: 邓涛涛 冯苏苇

摘 要:



The implementation of congestion pricing has faced with considerable uncertainty. A critical analysis of the failure case has undoubtedly added an important reference value to our country`s pilot of congestion pricing. In 2005 a referendum on congestion charging draft was conducted in Edinburgh. The failure of referendum caused the local authority to give up the congestion pricing program which had been discussed for nearly 12 years. This paper analyzes the background of Edinburgh congestion pricing scheme and the detailed implementation measures, with a focus on reasons why public boycott for congestion pricing. Results show that there is a big controversy in the congestion pricing zoning, the definition of exemption, charging timing and promotion strategies, resulting in the failure of referendum. The paper points out that the major cities in China need to carefully consider the right time and promotion strategies of implementing congestion pricing, actively seek the strong support from the potential beneficiaries and make good efforts to coordinate with adjacent administrative regions in implementing congestion pricing scheme, in order to reduce the risk of policy.




Road Congestion Pricing; Edinburgh; Referendum; Boycott


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