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2014年第3期 后退

Learning from the Experience of Public Infrastructure Systems Implementation in the U.S.:Reflection on the Evaluation of Nanshan District in Shenzhen
作者: 宋彦 张纯 刘志丹 陈燕萍 黄斌

摘 要:



This paper studies the experience of public infrastructure implementation in the U.S., and introduces tools such as linkage policies, impact fees, adequate public facilities ordinance and phased development. Through a case study on the public infrastructure systems of Nanshan District in Shenzhen, the paper identifies several issues associated with implementation. Learning from the experience from the U.S., the paper argues that more detailed implementation planning should be prepared, financial resources should be diversified, and regular supervision and evaluation system should be set up. The experience of public infrastructure implementation in the U.S. will provide implications to urban planning evaluation system and promotion of public infrastructure implementation in China, which will also have implications for improving the quality of life of city residents in China.




Public Infrastructure; Planning Implementation;Capital Improvement Program; Urban Growth Management;Impact Fee


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