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2014年第2期 后退

Thoughts of Dimension Design of City Street Space Based on Urbanism
作者: 付帅 扈万泰 章征涛

摘 要:



Urbanism has provided scientific and efficient basis and methods for urban planning practice,especially in the new period of advocating urban health and dealing with climate problem all over the world. Its essential values such as compact configuration,land use mix,walkable neighborhood,people-oriented dimension,public transportation and history conservation etc. have played important guiding roles for city sustainable development. The dimension of street space should be suitable for walking,thus to improve people’s health conditions; reduce vehicle uses thus to decrease pollutions. In this context,the paper takes the UK as an example with the highest proportion of non-motor trips in Europe,to introduce three core elements of street design: carriageway,public realm and walking & cycling,and compares with China in corresponding contents; finally, the paper proposes suggestions for improving streets design in China.




Urbanism; People-oriented Dimension; Urban Streets; Urban Design


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