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2014年第2期 后退

The International Experience and Inspiration of Developing Global City-Region
作者: 仝德 戴筱頔 李贵才

摘 要:



Global competition leads to the region playing a more critical role than the state. Formed by the organic link between global city and its hinterland,the new concept of “global city-region“ was emerged in this context,moreover, has become the development goals for many powerful city-regions and other types of city alliances. By analysing the formation and development mechanism of three typical global city-regions (the New York metropolitan area,the London metropolitan area,the National Capital Region of Japan),this paper summarizes the common characteristics of “global city-region”: (1) the high-level of the central city;( 2) the tightness of the internal links;( 3) the powerful support of comprehensive national strength;( 4) the superiority of the geographical location and soft environmental conditions. Based on which,this paper puts forward that China can draw lessons from international experience in at least five aspects to build global city-region: the promotion of central city’s status,its own economic restructuring,the optimization of the spatial pattern, the construction of social security system and cultural infrastructure,and the creation of human settlements and industrial development environment.




Global City-Region; Formation Mechanism; International Experience


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