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2014年第2期 后退

The National Registration Method of American Cultural Landscape Heritage and Its Reference Value to China
作者: 奚雪松 张宇芳

摘 要:



Cultural landscape is an important national cultural property in the United States. National Park Service refines that definition to landscapes eligible for the National Register, only historic landscapes are treated as cultural landscapes. This means that they meet one or more criteria set out by the NR - the most fundamental being that it is a landscape whose primary cultural characteristics are fifty years or older and that it is associated with an important person,event,design or construction trend or archaeological site that is important in American history. And an integrated heritage register method has been formed by NPS. The paper introduces the steps and contents about heritage identification,evaluation and register in the whole heritage register,with the use for reference to the Chinese cultural heritage register and protection.




Cultural Landscape; Heritage Registration; Heritage Protection; The USA


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