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2014年第2期 后退

Nowhere to Place Our Field: Study on the Invasion About Cultivated Land in China During the Globalization of Space Production Era
作者: 肖竞 曹珂

摘 要:

本文以我国城市化进程为背景,结合经济学相关原理, 分析了全球流动资本在不断注入空间生产寻找再生躯壳的过程中,如何与我国农村剩余劳动力释放的需求及地方政府对耕地“农转非”巨额增值收益的渴望相结合,共同形成耕地侵占现象幕后推手的问题根源;并从市场运行的微观层面与国家调控的宏观层面,分别探讨了土地“入市”与生产性支出等关键问题的抉择对我国未来耕地变化可能产生的影响;试图穿透现代化的迷雾,回归土地问题的本质,为日后的研究提供一条值得借鉴的线索。


Based on the urbanization of China and combined with related economic principles, the article analyses the process in which the global working capital combines with the demand of the release of rural surplus labor and the local governments’ desire for the huge proliferation of land transfer; and these three together push invading the cultivated land of China. From the micro-level of market running and macro-level of state regulation, the paper discusses the future influence of land transfer and productive expenditure; it also tries to return to the essence of land issues and provide a worthy clue for further researches.




Globalization of Space Production; Surplus of Capital and Labor; Productive Expenditure; Land Transfer; Urban Entrepreneurialism


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